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PINES-swagThere is no doubt that the fifth graders in Mrs. Clenance’s class have swag. They have been learning all about inferences. They worked as a team and came up with a way to tie a really fun activity into the learning process. They called it Friday Swag.  Mrs. Clenance and each of her students wore neon colored mustaches on Friday. When asked about the mustache they were wearing they simply acted as if they had no clue the mustache was even there.  They were extremely successful with creating a scenario where people were forced to guess or “infer” what was going on. At the end of the day they came together during a class discussion and counted the reactions they received. Mrs. Clenanace’s class received over fifty inquiries and just as many inferences. The mustaches created quite a buzz around campus. We’re excited to find out what this clever class of fifth graders come up with for next Friday’s Swag.